Toy Story 2

7.60 92 minutes
Andy heads off to Cowboy Camp, leaving his toys to their own devices. Things shift into high gear when an obsessive toy collector named Al McWhiggen, owner of Al's Toy Barn kidnaps Woody. Andy's toys mount a daring rescue mission, Buzz Lightyear meets his match and Woody has to decide where he and his heart truly belong.


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  • Gimly subscriber 2019, Jul 16

    When I was a kid, I remember thinking that _Toy Story 2_ was pretty good, but nothing on the original. Over the years, I've known many, many, many people, and seen a great number more online, who are of the opinion that this second entry is not only better than its predecessor, but that it went on to stay the best film in the (now 4 movie strong) series. I always sorta figured, that when I grew up and rewatched it, I'd reach the same conclusion, so, uh, nope. Basically. That never happened. _Toy Story 2_ is pretty good, but nothing on the original. _Final rating:★★★ - I liked it. Would personally recommend you give it a go._

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  • r96sk subscriber 2020, Jun 28

    One of the greatest sequels around. 'Toy Story 2', whilst marginally inferior, still manages to create the same magic that the original has - which is mightily impressive. It, at least to me, has less humour but what it loses there it makes up for in the premise, which is arguably more interesting when compared to the 1995 film. I very much enjoy it, especially the location of the finale. Tom Hanks is again fabulous as Woody, while Tim Allen (Buzz) & Co. remain as entertaining as before. They also introduce some cool new characters, with the standout being Jessie who is voiced astutely by Joan Cusack; Jessie's backstory is so well done. Al (Wayne Knight) and Pete (Kelsey Grammer) are good additions, too. There are some tremendous scenes here, that one for Cusack's character and the conclusion are my favourites alongside the ultra satisfying restoration scene; the end credits are amusing, also. It's all fun. The other two sequels are brilliant, but this is the pick of the three. I'd highly recommend, evidently.

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  • CinemaSerf subscriber 2022, Jun 15

    Now that "Woody" and "Buzz" have well and truly buried the hatchet - and not in each other, they both hope owner "Andy" will take them to his summer camp with him. Sadly, though, "Woody" has hurt his arm - so is left behind, only to narrowly escape being sold in a car boot sale. Worryingly, though, he is spotted there by toy museum owner "McWiggin" and is promptly kidnapped! It now falls to "Buzz", "Mr Potato Head" and the rest of the gang to track him down and spring him, with his new friend "Jessie" before they are sold to a collector in Japan. Not all of the toys are on board though - and poor old "Woody" has to be wary of the double-dealing "Prespector" whilst "Buzz" finds that, unlike his abducted friend, he is not exactly unique! There are now plenty of fun escapades for all concerned to keep this high quality animation entertaining. That said, I don't really do sentimentality, and I found this to be a little more so than the first one. The introduction of "Jessie" accompanied by the rather sad story of her abandonment (set to an equally sad song) did drag the pace down a bit for me, but when the action kicks in again, then we revert to a first-rate, team-driven and wittily written tale of camaraderie, loyalty and ingenuity. Messrs. Hanks, Allen and Rickles keep up their established good work, this time joined by Joan Cusack and an on form Kelsey Grammer as "Prospector". It could be argued that the first "Toy Story" film was a marketing man's wet dream; this second feature is very nearly as good and demonstrates the enduring and engaging nature of the characters who value each other above all. Rare for a sequel to rival the original, but this gives it a good try!

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  • housseini_mdb subscriber 2023, Feb 16

    After Toy Story 2 , I understood that the first just softly introduced the serie, the last part of the first movie was incredible to watch but the second is just more spectacular. Not only the ending but all the movie is fun to watch and never get boring, the little jokes are so enjoyable. Every character of the movie is well written. I wont grade it, but it is at least a 90/100

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