The Fall Guy

7.25 126 minutes
Fresh off an almost career-ending accident, stuntman Colt Seavers has to track down a missing movie star, solve a conspiracy and try to win back the love of his life while still doing his day job.


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  • Manuel São Bento subscriber 2024, Apr 23

    FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ https://talkingfilms.net/the-fall-guy-review-a-thrilling-tribute-to-the-unsung-heroes-of-cinema/ "The Fall Guy emerges as a passionate ode to the brave, audacious stunt doubles, neglected by the film industry for so many decades. David Leitch offers an experience full of action, comedy, romance, and mystery, highlighted by the impressive physical feats performed by the stunt department, mostly without the aid of visual effects. It’s a necessary tribute to those who risk their lives daily to elevate the entertainment power of cinema. Although it occasionally loses focus due to multiple storylines, the movie conveys a clear message about the importance of creative freedom and respect for all involved in filmmaking. With charismatic performances by Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, as well as an energetic score by Dominic Lewis, this celebration of cinema and the hard work behind the scenes is one of this year’s must-see IMAX screenings." Rating: A-

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  • r96sk subscriber 2024, May 04

    Undoubtedly fun, even if I did want a touch more from 'The Fall Guy'. The cast are great, definitely the film's strongest part in my opinion. Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt are an all-star pair and I enjoyed them both, they worked well together. Hannah Waddingham and Aaron Taylor-Johnson add good showings too. Stephanie Hsu and Winston Duke are involved as well. The story produces entertainment, even if it could've had more flavour added to it. I felt watching that in a few parts it does overstay its welcome ever so slightly, not for a negative impact but enough that I couldn't rate it any higher. All the stunt stuff is fantastic though, as it ought to be given the subject matter. It's solid humour-wise, my favourite bits were actually the background actor interactions; s/o wife's sister guy. Overall, I liked this one. Improvements were possible, though what's there is good enough - an easy watch, to be honest.

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  • CinemaSerf subscriber 2024, May 07

    This does suffer a bit from having been trailed to death in the cinema, and the story is really pretty thin - but there's some engaging chemistry on display between the two stars as their adventures hot up. "Colt" (Ryan Gosling) is the stunt double for the all action hero "Tom Ryder" (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) whilst sort of dating aspiring director "Jody" (Emily Blunt). An accident on set drives "Colt" away from the business altogether until a random call from producer "Gail" (Hannah Waddingham) informs him that "Jody" is to direct her first film in Australia and he has been especially requested! Of course he hadn't, and when he turns up - much to the surprise of the production, they sort of settle for a truce as he gets back into the swing of rolling cars and jumping from burning wreckage. Where's the star though? Well it transpires that's what "Gail" has really brought him to establish. He's gone AWOL. Not for the first time, "Ryder" is a bit flaky - but all "Colt" need do is track down their wayward pretty boy and then he can escape this embarrassing scenario and go back home. Needless to say, his investigations soon immerse him in a dangerous world of drugs, unicorns and even more car chasing and pyrotechnics. Can he find his charge and maybe even restore his romance? There's precisely no jeopardy with any of that, even if there is quite a daft twist in the tale at the end, but that doesn't matter. This is an excuse for some good looking people to have fun celebrating the life of the movie stuntman. It's good fun to watch with Gosling oozing charisma as we go along on a trip that reveals just a little of the smoke and mirrors that is routinely used to convince us that what we see on screen is real - and that nobody usually dies! Sydney harbour is used to good effect, though I maybe wouldn't have wanted to be the general manager of the opera house when their film crew turned up, and the dialogue is quite a witty mix of hackneyed metaphor, old lines from famous movies and plenty of corn and cheese. ATJ doesn't really feature so much, but when he does he's clearly taking a pop at all things vain and superficial about the cult of image, and Blunt looks like she is enjoying herself as she tries to get her film in the can despite her missing frontman, the wrong kind of sand on the beach and her clearly having the hots for her ex. A good soundtrack helps it all along and though I doubt I'll recall much about this in three months, it's a lively poke at the characters that make movies and I quite enjoyed it.

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  • Hotplix subscriber 2024, May 24

    Colt Seavers is a stuntman, like everyone else in his profession. Like every stuntman, he gets blown up, shot, crashed, thrown through windows, and dropped from heights for the sake of our entertainment. Now, after a near career-ending accident, he must find a missing movie star, unravel a conspiracy, and win back his love while still juggling his regular job. What could possibly go well? Read full article at hotplix.com

  • MovieGuys subscriber 2024, May 30

    The Fall Guy indeed. Its unfortunate to see reasonable acting talent, fall victim to this genuinely unfunny, inarticulate mess of a film. A film that meanders pointlessly from place to place, with no real purpose. The only true upside is a sprinkling of decent musical tracks by hit groups like ACDC and KISS, that work in almost any context. In summary, Thunderstuck (sorry ACDC) by how bad this film is. If someone had constructed a coherent story, with decent narrative, wit and humour, it could have worked.Yet another missed opportunity.

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  • Hotplix subscriber 2024, Jun 06

    "The Fall Guy" is an action-comedy film directed by David Leitch, starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt. It revitalizes the 1980s TV series with a blend of humor, thrilling stunts, and nostalgic nods. Gosling excels as Colt Seavers, bringing a mix of charm and comedic timing, while Blunt adds strong chemistry and charisma. The action sequences are visually spectacular, showcasing Leitch's expertise. The script cleverly balances humor and drama, making it enjoyable for both fans of the original and newcomers. Overall, it's a fun, engaging movie that delivers an exciting cinematic experience.

  • TheSceneSnobs subscriber 2024, Jul 09

    It bothers me that this film didn't perform better at the box office. This movie is an incredibly fun ride with a stellar cast and some of the best action sequences I've seen on the big screen in years. The chemistry among the cast members is truly fantastic, elevating the film's enjoyment factor. The cast is a significant highlight, with each actor bringing their A-game. The interactions between characters feel genuine, adding a layer of authenticity to the high-octane action. The camaraderie between the lead and his team is palpable, making their collective journey more engaging. This dynamic is particularly evident in scenes where quick banter and teamwork are essential, showcasing their rapport and adding to the film's overall appeal. I can attest that there isn't much that a crew of professional filmmakers can't do together in a short amount time with a good plan. The stunt team most of all! The action sequences are top-notch, meticulously choreographed, and thrilling to watch. The film excels in creating high-energy moments that are both visually spectacular and narratively compelling. I find myself torn about the film's release platform. On one hand, I wish it had been released on streaming so more people could have easily accessed and enjoyed it. On the other hand, this is precisely the kind of movie that benefits from the immersive experience of a theater. The grandiose action sequences and stunning visuals are best appreciated on the big screen, where their impact is maximized. The movie fits into the current trend of "hero" films that blend traditional tough-guy action with emotional depth and vulnerability. Unlike older action heroes who often suppressed their emotions, the protagonists in this film openly confront their mental health issues and emotional struggles. This approach adds a refreshing twist to the genre, making the characters more relatable and human. For example, the lead character's journey includes moments of introspection and personal growth, highlighting his inner battles alongside the external conflicts. Overall, this movie is a fantastic blend of action, heart, and camaraderie. It's a film that deserves to be seen and appreciated by a wider audience. Whether you're a fan of high-stakes action or character-driven narratives, this movie offers something for everyone. I highly recommend checking it out, especially on the big screen, to fully experience its exhilarating and emotional ride.

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