Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

6.92 118 minutes
Forty years after his unforgettable first case in Beverly Hills, Detroit cop Axel Foley returns to do what he does best: solve crimes and cause chaos.


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  • MovieGuys subscriber 2024, Jul 09

    Beverly Hills Flop Broken Axel is yet another attempt to cash in on a veteran franchise, that simply doesn't work. Whilst all the trapping are there, including Eddie Murphy, who has aged well, much else hasn't. The cheeky, outlandish antics of the original films, is replaced with the usual woke(DEI) hand wringing, whinging and whining. The daughter character, in particular, is intensely irritating. She takes empowerment and daddy issues, to a sour faced, new level, dampening down any sense of humour and fun, that could have been derived from this film. And that's essentially what the Beverly Hills Cop films from the 80's were, action mixed with zany, out there, humour and fun, that showcased Murphy's quick fire intellect and wit. A lighter version, of the Lethal Weapon series, from the same era but much in the same vein. In summary, Eddie Murphy is as likeable as ever but so much else about this film isn't, its hard to say nice things. The incessant need to push "the message" takes something that should be fun and lighthearted and buries it beneath heavy morose layers of lecturing. My advice, watch the original films instead.

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  • TheSceneSnobs subscriber 2024, Jul 09

    To say that I was excited for Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F is an understatement. This is without a doubt one of my favorite franchises of all time, even including the less impressive third film. I thoroughly enjoyed this fourth installment, which sees an older Axel Foley back in Beverly Hills working a case. This time, he is up against cartels, corrupt cops, and more, led by Kevin Bacon, who threatens his daughter Jane, a Beverly Hills defense attorney. In this film, Axel teams up with a young detective, Bobby, who is also Jane’s ex-boyfriend, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The return of franchise favorites Judge Reinhold as Billy Rosewood, John Ashton as John Taggert, Bronson Pinchot as Serge, and Paul Reiser as Jeffrey adds a layer of nostalgia that fans will appreciate. Eddie Murphy effortlessly slips back into the character of Axel Foley, as easily as putting on his Lions varsity jacket. His performance is both charismatic and energetic, reminding us why this character became an icon. Murphy’s ability to blend humor with action is on full display, particularly in scenes where he outsmarts his adversaries with his trademark wit and cunning. The story is fun and packed with exciting moments, and it also has a surprising amount of heart. The chemistry between the original cast members remains perfect and mixes well with the new additions. Kevin Bacon shines as a formidable antagonist, providing a worthy challenge for Axel and his team. His portrayal of a corrupt, menacing figure adds depth to the film’s conflict. The cinematography successfully bridges the gritty feel of the first movies with the more stylistic approach of the second. The action sequences are well-executed, although some of the stunts and gags feel a bit over the top. For example, an elaborate chase scene through the streets of Beverly Hills, while thrilling, stretches the bounds of believability. Additionally, the film’s timeline contains some questionable elements that don’t quite align with the previous entries in the series. These inconsistencies, while minor, can be distracting for long-time fans. I appreciated the film’s attempt to incorporate elements from the earlier movies, but I wish Beverly Hills Cop 3 had been integrated more thoughtfully rather than just as a throwaway joke. A more substantial nod to the third film could have added a layer of continuity and depth to the story. Overall, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F is a fun action film that fits well with the recent trend of entertaining action movies released this year. It’s impressive how the film manages to capture the spirit of the original while adding fresh elements to keep the story engaging. Eddie Murphy’s return as Axel Foley is a delight, and the film’s blend of humor, action, and heart makes it a worthy addition to the franchise. Despite some minor flaws, this movie stands out as a testament to why the Beverly Hills Cop series remains beloved by fans.

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  • GenerationofSwine subscriber 2024, Jul 10

    Let's be honest.... it's not as good as Beverly Hills Cop 3 and that was a mess. But it's 2024 and by today's super low expectations for quality entertainment is seems like it's a really good movie. Like the sequel to Coming to America, it sort of forgot that you need a story to work and can't just rely on the characters, and Eddie, he just isn't as quick as he was in I and II... both with the wit and on his feet, so it sort of falters there anyway. But that is just a comparison. The fact is that, if you aren't really big Fans of I and II, and if you are and have seen nothing but new movies in the past forever, it's a pretty OK film. But it's a facade, it only comes across as good because our standards for decent film making are so pathetically low that it makes wrecks like this look amazingly well done, with a Chinatown solid script, great comedic timing, and a solid character arc. You go back in time before Hollywood fell, and it would be getting all the criticism that came with III. Leave 80s greats alone, Cobra Kai was the exception not the norm, and you can't capture 80s gold while making it FOR THE MODERN AUDIENCE. With MODERN SENSIBILITIES while removing the humor, characters, and plots that are PROBLEMATIC... because none of that inoffensive cookie cutter crap works today and that goes doubly so for yesteryear. Once upon a time the good of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise outweighed the bad. Now it's a wash. But it's a wash that comes across as good because our expectations are so seriously low.

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  • Chandler Danier subscriber 2024, Jul 14

    Action movie. Sequel, universe building. Seemed to recreate the feel of the old movies. I think Axel only drives old cars. Judge Reinhold's son bangs Eddie's daughter which is kind of like a nod to the sexual tension early in the franchise. Judging from performance, Eddie's will be the one forcing baby judge down on the couch. Even though I dislike donkey and what became of donkey. I like Eddie Murphy and it's good to see him not being donkey.

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